Brand Panasonic Panasonic Samsung LG Samsung
Model TC-P50G10 TC-P50V10 LN52B750 55LH90 UN55B8500
Photo Samsung PN50A550 Pioneer PRO-111FD Sony KDL-55XBR8 Samsung LN52A650 Samsung LN40A630
Type Plasma Plasma LCD LCD-LED LCD-LED
Screen Size (inches) 50 50 52 55 55
Resolution 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080
HDMI Inputs 4 4 4 4 4
Introduction Date Mar 2009 May 2009 Apr 2009 Jul 2009 Oct 2009
Low Price $1,271 $2,299 $1,695 $2,118 $3,478
High Price $1,399 $2,299 $1,929 $2,788 $3,749
Price History Price History Price History Price History Price History Price History
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Most Recommended Best LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs You Can Buy

If we were going out to buy an hdtv today, these are the models we'd consider. They represent the hdtvs with the highest ratings and the most glowing reviews from respected evaluation sites like Consumer Reports, CNET and others. The good news is that many of the best lcd tvs and best plasma tvs have come down in price in recent months. This is also a good time to be purchasing many of the high-performance lcd and plasma televisions that are nearing their one year anniversary introduction date. Many of these sets will be dramatically discounted as they are replaced by newer 2010 hdtv models. The models on this page are the best lcd tvs and best plasma tvs we could find. You can also find lists of the best value lcd tvs,the cheapest lcd tvs, the best value plasma tvs and the cheapest plasma tvs on other parts of this site.

Paul Reynolds, at Consumer Reports, has a great publicly-available page on their blog (HDTV Values) that gives some interesting insights into how to get the most for your money when buying an hdtv. Their bottomline advice is to consider buying a plasma model if you're looking at a 50"+ model, don't rule out 720p sets (if you're not watching highest definition content) and to steer clear of LCD sets with the highest refresh rates. CNET also has a great best lcd tvs list and a best plasma tvs list.

Best Value TV Research Instantly

You want value -- bang for your buck -- when buying a TV. You don't want to overpay for features that you don't care about. But you're willing to pay extra to get significant performance increases that you do care about. With so many different TV makes and models, how do you find the short-list of the best tv buys? We do the research and publish our shortlist of the best value lcd tvs and best value plasma tvs, saving you time and energy.

This site is designed to save you time deciding which lcd tv or plasma tv to buy. It's not meant to be an exhaustive or comprehensive resource. In our experience, choosing from any more than five hdtvs is difficult. That's why we looked at most of them and then condensed our final choices into lists of five, organized by your choice criteria.

Everybody's different. You're not just looking for the best television - you're looking for the best television that fits your specific criteria. At HDTV Matrix, we group those criteria into three main buckets - you want the best quality (best performance and features), you want the best value (best price-performance balance), or you want the cheapest (you want to get the most hdtv for your money).

The good news is that flat-screen tv prices on the best models have dropped dramatically in the last few months and no matter what your choice criteria is, you should be able to find a new plasma tv that will make you happy. We provide the basic info, a photo, and links to expert and user reviews. Don't agree with our choices? No problem, use the links to the expert sites and build your own list. Happy TV hunting! Thanks for coming to our site.

Recent HDTV Headlines and News

Incredible Values as Retailers Get Ready for 2010 HDTVs
Retailers like Best Buy have been pushing hdtv prices to historical lows on many models. Brands like LG are already announcing new models for 2010 that include super-thin (2.6mm) models and 3D Models.
T-minus 14 days and counting until mass hysteria Black Friday HDTV consumption starts. The latest pre-sale ads for Best Buy and Target have been posted. Example: Target has a 32-Inch Westinghouse LCD TV for $246 (wow) and Best Buy has the Samsung 50" 720p Plasma HDTV (Model # PN50B430P2D) for $697.99.
BlackFriday.info tracks upcoming hdtv deals for the biggest shopping day of the year (black Friday = day after Thanksgiving = Friday, November 27, 2009) and this week Sears has pre-announced models and prices.
Kim Komando writes, in USA Today, that due to the energy-saving benefits of LED backlit LCD TVs, they may provide both the best picture and may represent the best value hdtv purchase, over time.
Eric Taub at the NYT describes his recent experience with 3-D (three dimensional) HDTV. Manufacturers are not expecting consumers to replace many existing hdtvs, but many may opt for 3-D as a replacement of standard televisions.
Eric Taub at the NYT writes that consumers see higher value (price/performance) from Plasma HDTVs and continue to buy BIG Plasmas, rather than settling for equivalent priced, smaller LCD TVs.
This week, Best Buy listed the Samsung 52" LCD LN52A650 HDTV with a price of $9.99. It's not clear how many people managed to order it at that price, but it doesn't look like the accidental deal was extended to any of them.
Eric Taub has a nice article in the Times about adding great sound to your lcd or plasma hdtv experience.
DisplayMate Technologies and Insight Media have just released a report that claims plasma hdtv picture quality may often outperform lcd hdtvs. This further supports some who think plasmas (falling out of market favor) may be a better value hdtv choice.
As some manufacturers wind down production of plasma hdtvs (Pioneer, Vizio) others will be improving their lines (Samsung, Panasonic). This article says some of the best value hdtv deals may be for current plasma models. .
This is an interesting discussion over on AVForums.com about how to choose the best value hdtv.
Reuters has an article today that discusses the growing momentum and popularity of LCD TV sales.
Samsung has released information on its new line of LED HDTVs that will all be available by June of this year. All are 1080p resolution and many begin to make it easier for consumers to connect to the Internet.
Popular Science by Sean Captain
A thoughtful article on why plasma is losing so much market share to lcd hdtvs."
Electronic House by Steve Crowe
A study by Retrevo shows that steep holiday discounts loosened last month and prices for many hdtv models trended upward."
CNET by David Carnoy
Panasonic is introducing the "World's sexiest plasma" but it will come at a steep $6,000 price"
I4U News by I4U
Sony revealed its new line of 240Hz Motion Flow technology Bravia TVs in Japan this week. Motion Flow gives Sony lcd hdtvs a smoother picture for fast action programming and content.
NewTeeVee by Jose Fermoso
Pioneer's announcement that it will discontinue making plasma TVs may signal sharper declines in plasma sales (LCDs currently outsell plasmas 8:1) for all vendors.
Dallas Morning News by Victor Godinez
The current issue of Consumer Reports has an extensive update of the latest plasma and lcd tvs with Samsung and Panasonic showing up most consistently on their recommended lists.